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June 16, 2024

Building a Powerful Brand Identity for Albah Engineering Ltd

We were approached by Albah Engineering Ltd., a trusted general building and civil engineering firm, to develop a comprehensive brand identity that reflects their commitment to quality, professionalism, and innovation.

Through a collaborative design process, we gained a deep understanding of Albah Engineering Ltd.’s target audience, brand values, and competitive landscape. This research allowed us to develop a brand identity that is:

We are confident that this new brand identity will help Albah Engineering Ltd. to achieve its long-term business goals.

Link: View Full Brand Guidelines Document

Here are some of the deliverables we created for this project:

Albah Engineering Ltd - Logo 

Albah Engineering Ltd - Banner Mockup Albah Engineering Ltd - Office Banner 2023Albah Engineering Ltd - Rollup Banner

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Link: View Full Brand Guidelines Document

Additional details you may want to include:

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